The Concept

You will provide the song, and I will record a professional drum track in my own studio. I will send you the raw drum tracks to import to your DAW, so you can mix and modify them as you desire in your project. If requested, I can also produce a mixed stereo track. You can either send me a rhythm guide track, or hear what my own interpretation of your music sounds like. You will receive various takes to choose from and I will also make revisions, as needed.
The first time we cooperate it will be without obligation!

About Me

I am Philipp Pluhar and I have been working as a professional drummer for 20 years. Live and in the studio i have cooperated with the following bands and producers:
Dero & Klumzy, Air Rapide, Farewell Dear Ghost, The Happy Sun, The Quiet Now, Georg Hartwig, Christofer Frank, Bernd Heinrauch, Monica Reyes, Resisters, Sawoff Shotgun, Banki Moon, Kolinsky Konspiracy, Monk, Dj Vadim, Saedi, Die Geilen Schweine, Vereinigte Bühnen Graz, Delmar Brown, Deishovida, Super Nova, Bloc Business

The Studio

The main asset is the room itself: 35sqm with heights of 4-5m, specifically designed to record drums. Absorbers control the reverb but can be modified in order to capture a more reverberant sound.
A selection of drum mic classics record closely and from far away. 16 channels of class A preamps (8x Api + 8x Millennia) are in use. But what is a good sounding room, top mics and preamps without great Drums? My main go to set is a vintage Ludwig Clubdate from the 60ies, but i also use Gretsch, Tama and an Alto Beat drumset. I mostly stick to my classic Ludwig Snares (Black Beauty, Supraphonic and Acrolite).

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The Sounds

All tracks marked with „@Studio PB40“ I recorded myself in my own studio, and you can also listen into the isolated drum track of these songs. On all the other tracks I played in external studios.


Outside Drummer

If you are a drummer yourself and want to use my studio, there is the option of playing on my setup, or of course you can also bring along your own drums. I can then either be present as your recording engineer, in order for you to fully concentrate on the drumming, or you can also come with your own laptop and record privately. Just contact me and we will talk through the options!


Apart from drums I can also record high quality vocals (Neumann U87AI) and all other instruments (with the exeption of piano). A great sounding room with top microphones and class A preamps - what more can you look for!


You got curious and want to have further information? You already know exactly what you want? In any case contact me via email so I can give you all the answers and help you develop your project.